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McPAS-TCR: A database of TCR sequences associated with pathology and antigens

T-cells, also known as T-lymphocytes, play important role in the cell-mediated immune system. T-cells consist of a T-cell receptor (TCR) at their surface which recognizes the foreign and self- origin antigens. These TCRs composed of two chains, namely, TCRα and TCRβ chains which are produced by a random process of DNA rearrangement [1,2]. These TCR repertoires are highly diverse ensuring an effective immune system which cannot be even captured in a blood sample [3]. Continue reading “McPAS-TCR: A database of TCR sequences associated with pathology and antigens” »

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BiR: Impact report – July 2016 & More

As we improve the quality of articles and as we are nearing our first collective birthday, Bioinformatics Review has expanded its reach, opening new avenues. The progress is summarised as below: We have partnered with London Business Conference Group to be an official media partner for Discovery Informatics and Analytics Summit 2016 Our scientific articles are… Keep Reading


First International Quiz

We are pleased to announce Bioinformatics Review 1st International Quiz. This is an extensive Bioinformatics Quiz that involves submission of a detailed answer on “Application of Bioinformatics in ________(Subject area of your choice)” and answering questions to be put up on our Facebook Page during the quiz duration(4th June to 19th June). The participants have… Keep Reading

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