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Error: Could not open file “protein.pdbqt” for reading

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Bioinformatics Review Reader asked 4 years ago

I am performing a virtual screening of multiple ligands. My protein file’s name is protein.pdbqt. 

It is present in the same folder but still unable to open and showing the following error:

Error: Could not open file "protein.pdbqt" for reading

Please help me what should I do.


1 Answers
Dr. Muniba FaizaDr. Muniba Faiza Staff answered 4 years ago
  1. Make sure you have named your protein file as “protein.pdbqt” else change it in the config file accordingly.
  2. Check if this file is present in the same directory from where you are performing virtual screening.
  3. If this file is not there, then either provide a full path for this file or place this file in the same directory.
  4. Make sure it has permissions. If not, then type the following command:
$ sudo chmod +x protein.pdbqt

In case, if the issue still persists, then try recreating pdbqt file for protein.