How to search for a specific character in a file using Python?

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In this article, a simple python script is provided that can be used to search for a specific character in a file.

If you have a file consisting of some information including name, address, email, post, and so on. You want to extract only email addresses present in that file, then use the following script/block of code. Here, this input file is named “employee_info.txt”.

#!/usr/bin/env python

value = ''
str = 'Email ID:'

file = open('employee_info.txt')

result = ''
for line in file:
			if '@' in line:				#looking for specific character
				value = line.splitlines()
				print ("Email ID:", value)

Save this script with .py extension. Suppose, save it as ‘’. Open a terminal on Ubuntu or command prompt on Windows and type:

$ python

If you want to redirect the output to a file, then type:

$ python > output.txt
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